Local Attractions

All the following attractions and specialty stores are within an easy drive from each other. Discover many treasures within a short drive.


History You Can Touch

The northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York State region is abundant with history. Step back in time to the World War II era, the railroad era and even the lumber era. Over 45 museums and historical centers can be found here - all within an easy drive.

Eldred WWII Museum



Wander in Nature

Visit and explore the unspoiled frontier of Pennsylvania and New York State. The trees stand tall and mighty in the Allegheny National Forest and Allegany State Park. The wild and scenic beauty of the region is yours to discover. You can journey through the forest or drive the countryside. The National Longhouse Scenic Drive has two overlooks that will provide you with spectacular views of Kinzua Creek, the Allegheny Reservoir, Kinzua Dam, and the forest shoreline.



Shop Till You Drop

NWPA and SWNY have a collection of antique stores, artisans shops, herbal gardens and other boutiques to assist the shopper find treasures. Meander through Amish Countryside and find the tucked away farms that offer a bundle of Amish treasures. The many antique shops feature well respected dealers of quality collectibles, distinctive gifts, furniture, glass, jewelry, toys and pottery. Studios offer an array of art, including pottery, jewelry, sculpture, watercolors, and more. Walk among the many herbal gardens and learn their secrets. Many of the shoppes offer teas, soup blends, bread mixes, vinegars and herbs. Some also give presentations.



Zippo Lighters, Northern Lights Candles, homegrown wine, BLAIR, antiques, and more are just a few of the items you will be able to buy and SEE being created before your eyes! The region is home to many of the manufacturers of the products that you may find familiar.





Rock City Park

Spragues Maple Farms

Big Loop Hunter Pace

Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes

Holiday Valley