Hunting and Fishing

Current Hunting Updates


Our herd census began September 29 and data collection will end October 12. Following analysis of the data, our 2013 harvest goals will be determined. The state has issued us 25 Deer Management Assistance Permits (DMAP), which are antlerless deer tags that may be used in addition to any other tags you have. The harvest goal will be used to determine how many of the DMAP tags we distribute. While state regulations allow each licensed hunter to use up to two DMAP tags each year, our harvest goals will be used to determine how many tags we will make available.



Big Loop Lodge has a private 4 acre spring fed lake available to our guests.  It contains blue gill, crappie, bass, and catfish.  We ask guests to catch and release when fishing at the lake.

The Alleghany River makes the southern boundary of the Big Loop.  Bring your canoe or other shallow draft boat and enjoy a nice afternoon floating the river.  From Port Alleghany down to the Alleghany Reservoir the river is known for its musky, northern pike, walleye, and small mouth bass.  Above Port Allegany the river is known for its trout fishing.

Alleghany Reservoir and Cuba Lake are both within easy drives from the Big Loop and provide opportunities for walleye, small and large mouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, and pan fish.

Fishing licenses for NY and PA are readily available from local stores or on line.



It is the objective of the Big Loop to manage the property by providing a diverse habitat for a variety of wildlife and also to maintain populations at or below the carrying capacity of the land.  These objectives are accomplished through timber management, food plots, and hunting.  Through our efforts we have seen an increase in both game and non-game species.

Small game species available include rabbits, squirrel, and grouse.  Turkey, bear, and whitetail deer round out the big game species with huntable populations and open seasons.

The habitat on the Big Loop is mostly mixed hardwoods with very little agriculture in the area.  According to the National Forest Service, this type of property is capable of carrying 20-25 deer per square mile while maintaining the health of the forest and the deer herd.  We attempt to maintain the deer heed in the 30 - 40 deer per square mile range.  To avoid damage to the forest through over browsing by the deer we plant and maintain a variety of food plots across the property.  Additionally, for the NY portion of the property we participate in the Deer Management Assistance program, DMAP, run by the DEC which typically provides antlerless deer tags specific to the property.

After completing our annual deer census in early October, deer management goals are set. We determine how many of the DMAP tags issued will be used to help maintain the herd within the size objective.

Guests renting the lodge during hunting season are allowed to hunt on the property each day following a night’s stay.  DMAP tags, when available, will be given to each hunter with a valid NY state big game license.  The number of tags available will depend on DEC rules for the year as well as harvest goals for the property.  Because we will not know if we will get tags from the state until Oct. 1 and our harvest goals are not set until mid-October, there is no guarantee that DMAP tags will be available.  We encourage all NY hunters to apply for DMP tags for area 9T when they get their license.

The lodge consists of two halves, each with its own kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bed rooms.  During deer season parties are required to pay for at least 4 people per side.  If a party wants to guarantee they are the only ones on the property the minimum cost will be equal to having 8 hunters.  On the day you check out, while you may hunt until sunset, you are required to have all of your gear out of the lodge by noon so that it can be prepared for the next group to check in.

The photo gallery below shows some of the deer captured on camera this year.